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For Fallon – Naomi, Soraya

New Adult, Thriller/Suspense, Contemporary, Romance
Kindle: ARC

We all have a façade, a concealed mask we wear to portray ourselves to the world.

Fallon’s mask is real, what you see is what you get. Growing up with two loving parents in Chicago, graduating in Chicago, and now working a job she loves, she enjoys her life.

Her untarnished world is shaken when Luca crosses her path.

Luca’s mask is tightly controlled. Distrust, rivalry, and violence rule his life.

When confronted with insecurities, when the one you love wears his mask perfectly, when your life unravels and you don’t know why, do you keep trusting the person you love?

Everyone has a façade. Everyone has an ulterior motive (Goodreads)

I have never read a Mafia romance book before. The genre never really appealed to me. The blurb was really interesting and pulled me in. It doesn’t say anything about the book being anything related to the Mafia.

We’re introduced to Fallon and her best friend Teagan who are at a club, staring down some hot guy. Fallon literally runs into him towards the end of their clubbing and accidentally cops a feel. One kinda awkward situation later, she’s walked to a cabbie by the handsome stranger, who she learns is named Luca.

What an intimidating man he was! He oozed confidence but there was also an heir of mystery about him. He made sure Fallon got into the car safely. We then switch to Lucas POV and learn some interesting information about his character. This being my first foray into Mafia novels I wasn’t sure what to expect. We aren’t immediately told that he’s in the Mafia, but it’s clear he’s wrapped up in some deep, crazy stuffs based on the conversation he has with a friend.

Luca and Fallon meet at a coffee shop, go on some dates and have some really hot steamy smexy times. Luca eventually becomes very busy with work, as well as going away on “business” trips, but Fallon suspects he’s not being entirely truthful. Thus seeds of doubt are sown, making Fallon pull away from Luca, even though she loves him very much.

At the 50% mark is where everything goes crazy! Fallon learns who Luca really is and her whole world comes crumbling down around her. She’s in love with a man in the Mafia, who lied to her for quite a while about who he really was. This hurts her deeply, makes her not want anything to do with him anymore. But something major happens! Fallon is put into a very dangerous situation. Luca “rescues” her from it, and even though she want’s nothing more to do with him, he still has to protect her because Fallon now knows too much about the Mafia life and what Luca’s roll in it is.

Fallon goes back to her home, Luca is no long apart of her life, and she’s trying to move on. Good for her! Even though she’s in so much pain because she really loved Luca, she can’t be apart of his lifestyle.

The ending! It was perfect, things are left both unresolved, but some things get wrapped up as well. Fallon is back home safe, and Luca is pretty much out of the picture, but will be protecting her from a far. There is also a wonderful set up for the next book which I can’t wait to read!

Over all an amazing book, and a welcome introduction to me into the genre of Mafia novels. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book!

Overall I give it 4 little octopuses

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