Angst · Contemporary · genre: supernatural · Manga · Young Adult

Manga Monday’s! Devils and Realist – Madoka Takadono

I will be doing a new segment every Monday! Entitled Manga Monday’s! Where I review a manga I have just read! After all manga are visual novels after all! I hope you all enjoy it!

Manga, Supernatural, Fantasy, Fiction
Paperback, 192 pages


William Twining is blessed with both brains and wealth. He attends a prestigious school and lives in a huge mansion with his uncle and butler. But when his uncle’s business endeavors fail, the Twining family is left bankrupt. While searching in a storeroom of his home for objects to put up for sale, William stumbles upon a secret room. This room contains a magical seal, with which he unintentionally summons a demon. This demon, Dantalion, tells William that he wields sole authority in selecting the “substitute ruler” of the demon world! So naturally, the candidates for the throne will pursue the bewildered and annoyed young man. – Goodreads

Thoughtique: This was a very enjoyable read, and I can’t wait to pick up the next volume! It was both witty and funny, especially William the main character who refuses to believe in the supernatural. He is a firm believer in science, and prides himself on that fact. He has his whole life mapped out, he’s going to be someone great! That is, until he goes home and finds his mansion empty! His uncle is bankrupt, leaving William with nothing but the mansion and a secret occult room! There William accidentally summons Dantalion, a noble in need on Williams help.

Things were initially a bit confusing with the hierarchical structure of Hell. When Dantalion first appears he tells us who he is, and why he’s there. He needs an elector, someone to vouch for him to be the next ruler of Hell while Lucifer sleeps. Dantalion says he’s the seventy first pillar of Hell, which is equivalent to a nobleman or baron in England, I can’t remember exactly. Someone else shows up shortly after who is the 12 pillar or rank. Would have liked a bit more information on the structure of Hell, but perhaps that will come later.

I really liked the interesting power/class dynamic of being a Nephilim, a demon that was once a human but had to commit despicable acts, including mass murder to become a demon versus someone who was always a demon. Since demons can not breed they had to grow their numbers by changing humans into demons. Hence the Nephilim. Dantalion, a Nephilim, is confronted by another demon who looks down on him because of what he is, that he could never be a true demon. This infuriates Dantalion who ends up going on a rampage. William is annoyed and wants nothing to do with the two demons, all he wants to do is have a normal life.

Towards the end of this first volume we get a look at a new character who says something really interesting. But I can’t tell what his role in the future will be, a bad guy, good guy, demon or angel?

The author has clearly done their research in regards to the Bible, significant religious leaders such as Joan of Arc (I’m pretty sure that’s who they were talking about) as well as how English society worked at the time and what sciences were relevant.

Overall a very engrossing book. The characters played off each other well, especially William not wanting anything to do with Dantalion, demons or Hell. He refuses to believe in anything but the natural and scientific world. There’s also a fair bit of comedy as Dantalion and another demon are trying to blend in at Williams school to keep an eye on their elector.

A light hearted start to a series which is only going to get more fascinating and possibly darker as time goes on.

I give it a 5 out of 5

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