Manga Monday’s! Entangled Circumstances – Kikuko Kikuya

It’s time for Manga Monday’s! I’m sorry for skipping last week, I wasn’t feeling very well last weekend so didn’t do much, including tackling the challenge I was supposed to do. Shame on me. But now I’m back on schedule!

Manga, Yaoi, Romance
Paperback, 200 pages
3 out of 5


Himeko and Shibui not only work for the same company, but had also attended university together. Himeko was wildly popular, and nicknamed “The Prince.” But whatever Shibui may be trying not to recall about their shared past, one thing is certain — their present and future are tangled together, with the past knotting it quite firmly. Seeing Himeko everyday, Shibui finds his feelings ever more swayed. “Whatever it takes to get you…”Goodreads

Thoughtique: I read this in one sitting. It was a bit cute a bit angsty and a bit steamy. Although I enjoyed it I wished there was more of everything. We only get a peak into the lives of Himeko and Shibui, what they do for work and how they get along, which is not very well.

We get a glimpse as to why Shibui hates Himeko (a stolen kiss), which gets explained later in the story. To be honest Shibui acted like a child whenever he had to see Himeko, going as far as to hide under his desk whenever Himeko was looking for him. Himeko on the other hand always appeared cool calm and collected.

We learn that Shibui hates Himeko because he confessed to liking Shibui and stealing a kiss from him. Disgusted by the actions Shibui flees from his friend and starts to hate him for doing what he did, avoiding him at all costs.

Fast forward four or so years later and we arrive at where the manga takes place. Eventually Shibui comes to the realization that he has loved Himeko all along, especially after Himeko steals a few more kisses and again confesses that he loves Shibui. His hatred was really him burying his feelings for his former best friend.

There’s a few steamy scenes that come towards the end of the book, with Shibui being embarrassed at his lack of experience. But Himeko tells him not to worry.

Over all not a bad read very quick and cute. I enjoyed the art style, which is a big factor in deciding what manga to buy. I do wish we had gotten a bigger look at their lives, especially as a couple. But it wasn’t bad for a one shot.

I give it a 3 out of 5.

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