New New and Improved! Where’s the Books?

It’s been quite a while, eight months since I’ve last posted here. Honestly my heart wasn’t in reviewing, video games stole it for a long while and work got really busy. I was still reading but at a much slower pace. This blog has gone through a number of changes and revamps, including a name before this one, and a move from Blogger to Word Press. But I think I have a theme and name I really like!

Welcome to Where’s the Books?! This one I want to stick, it reflects who I am and how much I like to read. I’m always searching for new books to read as well as wondering where I left my kindle, or other books I had been reading! I’ll be reviewing regularly again! (I hope) And restarting Manga Mondays! Maybe throwing in a video game review here and there! Including some real life posts and the like.

There’s a story behind this name, it’s the fact that I couldn’t see things right in front of me, so I would always ask, “Where’s the Butter?” or “Where’s the tomatoes?” Or more popular among my friends, “Where’s the jagger?!”

Here to a new year! And a good rest of 2016. And bring on the books!


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