Do You Buy Your Books?

I buy as many books as possible. Sure it’s an expensive habit, but I only have two of them. Books and video games. And maybe some whiskey! I would much rather buy physical copies of books versus e-books. I’d rather get free e-books if possible. Something about holding the book in your hands is a very satisfying feeling. And books smell amazing.

A Bookkeeper's Notes


I always buy my books, it’s the one indulgence I have (besides food and travel) since I can’t  really bring myself to splurge on technology, clothes, and other little trinkets.

And when I say I buy my books, I mean physical copies as opposed to e-books.

What can I say, I’m old fashioned like that.

I love owning them and I love collecting them. I never borrow because it isn’t the same and if I do borrow, I need to own a copy if I love the story.

I feel less guilt if I end up damaging my copy (but I rarely do since I’m fanatical about their conditions), I don’t have to worry about other people touching it, and I can re-read it anytime I want.

I love reminiscing on the memories of reading which I can only get by touching and feeling. I remember every crease, every stain, every mark. I remember…

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